Oct 29, 2013

How to calculate the needed PSI for your bike tire?

I found this one from a bike forum, and I just want to share too.

Tire Width=20: Pressure(psi) = (0.33 * Rider Weight in lbs) + 63.33
Tire Width=23: Pressure(psi) = (0.33 * Rider Weight in lbs) + 53.33
Tire Width=25: Pressure(psi) = (0.33 * Rider Weight in lbs) + 43.33
Tire Width=28: Pressure(psi) = (0.33 * Rider Weight in lbs) + 33.33
Tire Width=32: Pressure(psi) = (0.17 * Rider Weight in lbs) + 41.67
Tire Width=37: Pressure(psi) = (0.17 * Rider Weight in lbs) + 26.67

Example: You are 150lbs running 28's
Pressure (psi) = (0.33*150) +33.33 = 82.83psi (rear)
Front Pressure = .9*Rear Pressure = .9*82.83psi = 74.55psi front

Courtesy to Kyle V. from inrng.com

Oct 24, 2013

Magento: How to remove the SID parameter in you store URL?

There two this we can do here.

1. Modify the setting in your magento admin.
* Go to System > Configuration > Web > Session Validation Settings and set the value of Use SID on Frontend into No
2. Sometimes the setting from your admin was cache and hard to flush your magento cache coz of many reason. Slowing the page.
To do this, modify the your core magento class app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/App.php and set the value of $_useSessionInUrl into false. Since the default is true.
protected $_useSessionInUrl = true;

Apache: How to log the Original IP or X-Forwarded-For in you access log

You need to modify you apache configuration and find the related data below and update according to data below.

LogFormat "%{X-Forwarded-For}i %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b " combined
CustomLog /var/log/httpd/access_log combined

Oct 11, 2013

CSS(a/img) - Remove extra space on anchor with image tag

Just want to share the work around.

Normally around will goes like this.
<a href="#"><img  src="/image.jpg" /></a>

Update code to remove the extra space. Just add the display:block in the image tag.
<a href="#"><img style="display:block" src="/image.jpg" /></a>

Oct 4, 2013

How to build you wheelset with 36 holes hub and 32 holes rim.

Im not sure what the best way to express how it must done but pattern already good enough for us to reach our goal here. By the best one person who share it here is his pattern.

For other stuff/logic he made and other pattern on mismatch number of holes. Please follow his page Mismatched Wheelbuilding

Apache: configure apache .htaccess to filter incomming request behind proxy

Normally we write we configure apache rewrite rule with underscore on every word separator. See below.

RewriteCond %{REMOTE_ADDR}
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} phpinfo.php

For custom server variable made separated by dash(-) on every word and has a prefix of HTTP:. This mean to set X-FORWARDED-FOR see below.