Jan 15, 2016

How to clean or remove scratched on your camera lens?

I really try to search lot of recommendation on the internet and some recommend to brush a cloth with toothpaste. However the toothpaste didn't work on my camera-lens instead the scratch(or blurdy section) get large. When that happen i've been too frustrated. So I stop it and dump my camera in one side and neva use again. Then one day I posted a question on one group of user with cameras with a question. "How do you remove scratches on on you camera lens?". One member answer me to use fine sandpaper and then in my think "WOW, I will going to do it worst". Just to give him some appreciation on his answer. I answer and I will try it.

Started that time, I already get have a key to search to verify the word of the man. Until one man response in a forum question on how to remove scratches on camera lens. The mean sad. "Camera lens is hard and not easy and Not easily to get scratch however if that happen use a fine sandpaper." With the mans word. I decide to try it on my camera. But before I did, I try first on my flash light lens for security that I may not doing the thing that could worst my camera lens. Since it the sandpaper work my flash light lens. it time to try on my camera lens.

Images before I sandpaper the lens.
SagadaOuting2015 - Trek to Bomod-ok Falls(Blurdy Pics)

Picture after I sandpapers my lens
FB: Micro shot testing

Dec 8, 2015

PHP - How to upgrade php 5.4 to php 5.5 on opensuse

Since, the current repository dont have 5.5.x version. try to check this one. php5

In my case, after I click "Direct Install" it lead me to this page and have content.

For us to have ability to upgrade PHP new repository. with the data highlighted on the screenshot.


Jun 26, 2015

AWS - Extract protected API response data.

In most AWS API call you will get response model.

object(Guzzle\Service\Resource\Model)#97 (2) {
  ["data":protected]=> Array(THE DATA YOU NEED TO ACCESS HERE)

Here my sample, call to describe the ec2 instance.

$result = $client->describeInstances();

var_dump($result); // Display the result in Guzzle\Service\Resource\Model

$response = $result->toArray(); // Convert the protected data, into array

// Display the intance IP information.
Reference Stackoverflow.com

Mar 26, 2015

PHP - preg_match: Compilation failed: unknown option bit(s) set at offset 0

preg_match issue encounter after one admin update one service, unfortunately some common library need to update. Until those common library need by php thats why php also included on update.

After trying to figure out and googling the error, I found the preg_match uses prce as its library. One article on stackoverflow.com said he/she can able to work on php 4.x with prce 8.x. Since my prce still 7.8 I decide to update to 8.x and miracle happen(Issue was fixed).

NOTE: After you update your prce make sure to restart your apache.