May 20, 2010

ShMessenger 3.1.10 Beta HandlerUI143 Free Instant Messenger[Yahoo, Msn, Gtalk + Facebook]

Create APN setting

Proxy: or
Port: 80

Open the shMessenger and do this 3rks.

Front Query:

After we set, just OK and set the ConnectionType. A choose "HTTP(wap)"

Download Application here: shm3110bHandlerUI143.jar

May 16, 2010

[Update July 2010] Ebuddy Trick 1.5 Handler.

First get thanks to the person who share this 3ks.
I get this form:

Tested ko na sa N73 ko. 100% working.
* Globe po ako. Kaya test nyo nlng sa ibang network.
* I notice in middle of june Installation 3rks not working already so, I sacrifice may 5peso load to install it. Atleast after you install you can use as want as you can for free as long as you dont have load when you use it.

1. Install it First Using CGI, Gawa muna ng connection or accesspoint.
Access Point Name: or
Port: 80

2. Install the EBuddy handler and Open to setup the trick.

From Operator select Custom1
Front Query:
Leave all the queries blank
Use Proxy: select no proxy

Then iOK na. Piliin yung Access Point for installation ng Ebuddy.

After Successful Installation exit Ebuddy. DONE!

Create another new access point Access Point. For the EBuddy messaging. The first APN you create is only use to install the application.

Access Point Name:
Proxy: or
Port: 80

Open Ebuddy. Heto na Trick naten.

From Operator select: Custom1
Leave all the queries blank
Use Proxy select: HTTP
Proxy Server:

Update: July 2010
Dowload Here

May 4, 2010

Setting up NFS on Yum base Linux

1. Install nfs-util and portmap.
# yum install nfs-utils portmap

2. Edit the
/etc/exports to setup the shared director.

syn - Set to synchronous
rw - set shared directory to be writable by the client server
# vim /etc/exports

Some Issues:
Error when mounting the shared directory to the client.
mount: mount to NFS server '' failed: timed out (retrying).
This issues when the server having firewall.
Execute the command:
# rpcinfo -p localhost
The comnand will display the the port that is using.
The port that use by portmaper, nfs, nlockmngr, mountd and status. Also you need sure that you open the port both tcp and udp.